Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Featured: Curious by Missbaaria

This is the first of what I hope to be a regular feature to support those hoping to get published some day. Writing sites only support those who are popular and agents accept those lucky few. But what about those who write amazing stories and just haven’t been found or don’t have the time to promote themselves? Here I’ll feature those special stories I felt deserve more attention.

By Misbaaria

Title: Curious
Username: Missbaaria
Site: Wattpad

Simon is a happily miserable person, afraid of change and carrying a lot of baggage. When a pair of golden door in the middle of a road threaten his sanity, Simon must decide whether to leave them be or let his curiosity get the better of him.

A real strength of this novel is Simon. His grumpiness is quirky, and he sees the world in a very different light to most people. Many writers tend to write themselves into the novel and the character falls flat, but I can tell that Simon has had both time and thought put into his personality and back story. His weaknesses are a real strength for this novel.

The writing is exceptionally neat. Typos are at a minimum and the writing is smooth. It’s written with a unique style which is helped by Simon’s own individuality. The plot is gradual, not particularly fast but far from slow, which altogether builds a strong atmosphere for the novel that pulled me in from the start.

What I respect the most is the writer herself. Misbaaria works hard on every chapter, making sure it’s as close to perfect as possible before posting it online. It makes critiquing a lot easier as I get to focus on the more in-depth ideas rather than correcting typos and awkward wording. This is definitely a book that will be on my shelf as soon as it reaches the bookshops!

So if you’re looking for another teen novel with a love triangle and cartoon-like jerks, don’t read this. But if you want something intelligent and unusual, then give it a read. Go on. =]

Any suggestions for my next featured novel-in-progress? Please post below and I’ll check it out.