Friday, 6 September 2013

First Blood...

I’m an unpublished author, fighting the slushpile. I hope to share with you guys both my experiences at trying to get published and the writing nuggets I’ve pick up through reviewing.

Here’s what the blog will hopefully include:

1) I spend a lot of time critiquing chapters and a lot of time repeating myself. I hope to post weekly tips and articles with advice based on those reviews.

2) To tell you lovely people about my manuscript: ASHES TO EMBERS. It’s an urban fantasy for young adults with a hint of romance. I’m at the stage of querying, so I’ll be posting updates on that.

3) To offer critiquing tips to those just starting out. Reviewing other manuscripts is a big part of joining a writing community but it doesn’t need to be thought of as giving and it should contain more than just ‘I love it’.

4) Finally, I have a freebie (sorta) in the form of a chapter by chapter editing service. Basically, I enjoy working with writing to help them develop their stories, so instead of posting ‘free reads’ on a writing forum, I thought I’d make it more official. Pop to my website for more details and a contact form ( I’ll be posting about it later and also info about the awesome unpublished books I’m reading.

Cheers for reading. Comments are welcome and followers are adored. =]