Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Prince of Prophecy Vol. I: Destined

If you love fairy tales, then there’s a brand new book series that you won’t want to miss. The Prince of Prophecy Vol. I: Destined by N.M. Mac Arthur is now available as an e-book, and will soon be in book form for all you paper lovers. 

As one of the editors working with the author to prepare it for publication, I can personally say she worked damn hard on this! There are no limits to her imagination, and the countless fairy tale references being turned on their heads should put a smile on your face. While it is aimed at young adults, there’s a certain quality to it which makes it both timeless and relatable to those still young at heart. I could not recommend this more:

Thirteen-year-old Prince Destan Von Diederich does not want to be king. In fact, he’s terrified of the idea. Though, being that he’s the last remaining descendant of the Von Diederich family line, it’s not like he has much of a choice. All he wants is a bit of freedom and maybe even a little adventure. However, Destan soon finds out that with adventure comes risk.

Between dodging his cruel cousin, searching for rings of power, being bothered by pesky authors, and helping a mysterious queen, Destan realizes that being a hero isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

In his quest to find the pluck to take on his impending duties and adversaries, he is swept away into a world filled with magic and fairy tales—things he thought only existed in books.

Will he find the courage he so desires, or will he remain valour-less, losing everything—including himself—in its pursuit.

Currently available as an e-book from these sellers: Barns and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, and google play store. It can also be found in the iBookstore for apple products. If you prefer paperback and hardback, then they [are out now]!