Saturday, 3 January 2015

APPLE winners!

Happy new year, writers and readers alike! To start off 2015, it's time to announce the winners of R.A. Black's horror novel, Apple.

I placed all entries into a randomiser, and here are the two individuals selected to receive a paperback copy:
Nicole Mac Arthur

Luke Hulse

Congratulations! Expect an email from me very soon. I hope you enjoy Apple as much as I did, and don't forget to write a review.

For all of you who didn't manage to win one this time, you can of course purchase a copy through Amazon  You can also check out R.A. Black on Figment and Facebook or read her author interview. The details in her novel are particularly vivid. You can read her article, How to Leave you Readers Cold, Hungry, and Afraid, for tips on how to immerse readers into your world. Lastly, if you have no idea what Apple is and perhaps thought I was giving away iphones or something, maybe check out my review here.

Enter a gothic story of madness and cruelty, where the bonds of sibling loyalty are tested to the grave and beyond.

High on the hill, Cavington Hall lurks like a beast surveying its territory. Spoken of in hushed whispers, it is home to Doctor Charles Cavington, last of a family cursed by genius and insanity in equal parts. It has now become home to twelve year old Apple. A run-away, she is forced into the doctor's service as payment for saving her brother's life.

While Apple struggles to cope with her loneliness and isolation, the mysteries surrounding Doctor Cavington are growing. What exactly is his interest in the two siblings? Is there any truth to his strange tales of Guardians and Reapers, ethereal figures he claims are responsible for dealing with the souls of the dead?

And what is making that thumping noise in the locked nursery at night?