Friday, 8 May 2015

Hidden Gem Awards: 4th Place

Broken Dolls
B.R. Kingsolver

Private Investigator R.B. Kendrick usually uses her telepathy to help nail cheating spouses. But when she's asked to investigate the disappearance of a missing girl, Kendrick uses her abilities to unravel a much more dangerous plot in the dark underbelly of the telepathic society.

I loved the creativity in this one. The feisty character’s main gift was telepathy, which allowed a brilliant spin on a private investigator story. My favourite part was how Kendrick can tell what nasty things a person has done by the stains on their soul. There were also lots of juicy plot twists and action scenes too – a lot to keep me reading onwards.

As much as I loved the concepts, explanations were often wordy and complicated, even when rereading. It all seemed to sound overly complicated for what it was, and new powers would pop up whenever needed rather than recycling old ideas to really knit the concepts together. I thought it would be better if the characters didn’t have so many gifts each – I can’t remember half of them, and I’m certain that not all were used.

Other than that, the writing was strong, and the bold and intelligent main character carried the mysterious kidnapping plot.