Friday, 30 October 2015

Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars

5 Stars
Verdict: For a book about dying cancer kids, it didn't half make me laugh. (I'm a terrible person...)

Two kids with cancer meet at a support group. We all know where this one is heading. If you don't then perhaps skim past this review for now. 

It was good the Green decided to inject humour into this one. If he hadn't, it wouldn't have worked. 

That's not to say it didn't get touch at times. However, the story never made me cry. The moment you pick up the book you know what terrible event is looming. It's inevitable. Although I might not have shed a tear when the time came, I still felt sorrow in the moment. 

The writing is intelligent and creative. Combined with quirky characters, you have a prose that's both funny and thoughtful. Every sentence was inspiring. If you're an aspiring author of young adult novels, read this book - no, study it. It felt effortless how much Green made me think and feel within such a short amount of pages.

"Our children are weird."

You got that right. They were weird, but weird and wonderful. You'll need to brace yourself for a little pretension as the kids have a taste for it, but the way they connect together, the way they bounce, it's heart-warming and sometimes hilarious. 

Once the story was over, the book lingered on in what I now know as true John Green's fashion. He tried to smuggle in an extra point at the end, but when it's over, it's over. Still a fantastic read.

Source: Bought it from Amazon.