Saturday, 7 September 2013

Let the Queries Commence

After years of working on my urban fantasy novel, I’ve finally started the querying process. It's already had some mini success: an agent has requested a partial! I can’t be happier at the moment. If the agent doesn’t feel I can write a good book, well, at least they thought I could write a good query.

I'll post up more about the novel soon. Here's the short pitch and a link to chapter 1 is below. Go on, give it a read. =P


As the power struggle between those with magic intensifies, an unsettling vision is uncovered by three young friends – good can never win, as it must become evil to do so.

With Demons growing stronger, Feya and Kelsey train to harness their magic alongside their powerless friend Tristan, knowing that the harsh times will either kill them or turn them evil. Options are scarce until an exiled rogue, remembered for her inexplicable attack on Tristan, returns with a risky proposition: to become allies with a Demon, abandon their friends, and rip magic from the world. 

Anyone want to read Chapter 1: The End of the Road.