Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Opening Chapter: Quiz and Contest

The opening chapter is pivotal. It needs to draw in an intended audience – it needs flare and promise of things to come, with writing that earns the reader’s trust, luring them into the next chapter. 

I’ve made a quick quiz to test whether your opening has what it takes. You don’t need all of these things for a good chapter. Hell, I bet there are a few I’ve forgotten too!

Answer each of the following using evidence from your opening. If you can’t, then maybe you need to spice up the chapter.

1) Is your opening line unique, scene setting, or hooking?
2) What makes your character unique?
3) Pick out your best line of description.
4) Pick out your quirkiest line.
5) Is the genre and sub-genres obvious?
6) Is it clean from silly mistakes – have you read through more than 10 times?

7) Does it end on a cliff-hanger?
8) What makes it different from other novels in that genre?

9) Does it start close to the action?
10) Are you happy with it? Or is there something you’re planning on improving?

Post 5 or more of your answers below and a link to your story for a chance to be featured! If your opening sounds good, I’ll check it out and tell others about it too.