Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Style Manual - Any burning questions?

Today is a good day for the editor in me. It is the day my style manual has arrived.

As I am hoping to start freelance editing and working in a publishing environment soon, this book will become my bible. Should you use a comma there? Let me go grab my style manual and settle this. Google will thank me for the load I am about to take off it.

I have chosen the New Oxford Style Manual published in 2012. Nice and up to date as well as originating from my home county.

Here’s the big question – do you have a question?

It can be anything related to writing. If it’s to do with grammar, punctuation, formatting a book (self-publishing), or about the publishing process then I’ll get to use my new manual (as well as search the depths of the internet)! If it’s something more subjective then it might be a future writing tip, so still ask away.

You can post here. You can contact me on figment, wattpad,or authonomy. This will be open for as long as I blog. I want to write useful articles which will give you tools to polish up your novel. So let me know which tools you don’t have and I’ll see if I can help with that.