Friday, 10 January 2014

Your Best Character: Quiz and Contest

The best characters are put through hell and yet can still carry the story forward on their broken shoulders. Your plot will fall flat if your characters are one dimensional and strong characters can make a cliché story really shine; characterisation takes work and thought.

The key to character development is to ask questions. Maybe spend time thinking about the scenarios that have happened to your character which won’t make the final cut of the novel. The questions below are designed to test that (to some degree).

[NOW CLOSED, REVIEWS PENDING] Answer at least 5 of these in a comment with a link to your story and I’ll give you an in-depth review. Reviews are approximately 1000 words and take me well over an hour, so if you’re looking to polish up your manuscript then don’t miss out.

Also, the opening chapter with the most interesting and well-developed character will be featured on this blog!

Feel free to write about anyone as long as they feature in the same story. You can answer either as if the character is being interviewed or from your expert perspective.

I can’t wait to read who you guys have cooked up. Here are your questions:

1) What is their strongest personality feature?

2) And their most striking physical characteristic?

3) What is most important to this character?

4) What do other characters in your novel care about which this one doesn’t (or doesn’t agree about its importance)?

5) How would they react if they missed their train (to somewhere important, of course)?

6) How would they react if they tripped over a chair in public?

7) Throughout the novel, what do they strive for?

8) How do they change/develop throughout the story?

9) What animal are they most like and why?

10) Who in their family (if anyone) are they closest to?

11) How do they react when being told a juicy secret?

12)   How do they react when meeting someone new?

Good luck!