Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hiding Homophones 2

Sometimes it because of a blind spot. Other times, it because your typing-brain want to make you look silly. Either way, be aware of words which sound similar (homophones) but are spelled very differently. 

It’s hard to write a first draft without having at least one homophone hiding in your manuscript, trying to let you down. The aim of the game is to spot it before anyone else does. Here are a few that are commonly written but not commonly spotted, or so it seems:

Draw - With a pencil
Drawer - Put pencils in

Illusive - Illusion-like
Elusive - Hard to catch, hard to see

Bowel - Inside of you
Bowl - Eat from (shouldn't be inside of you!)

Manner - The way which you act
Manor - A grand house. Inside, you should probably show good manners

Faint - What I do when I see blood.
Feint - What you may do to confuse an attacker and not lose blood

Lose - When you don't win or when you can't find something (like that second 'o')
Loose - Opposite of tight. There are room for lots of Os.

Note, these are not definitions, but simple differences to help split the two apart. Some of them aren't technically full homophones as they only sound somewhat similar, but they do crop up too much. Here are a few more that are regularly go unnoticed.