Sunday, 18 October 2015

Book Review: The 100

THE 100 by Kass Morgan
4 Stars
Verdict: You can't go wrong with a concept like that.
#2 - Day 21
#3 - The Homecoming

100 juvenile delinquents sent to earth to see if it’s inhabitable. No adults. You know this will be angst ridden and full of peril. This is my kind of book!

The writing itself is fairly perfunctory, but sometimes it’s not even that. Chunks of detail were skipped, events were missed, and I found myself wondering how, just how, did this or that happen. How did a medical tent become a thing, and where did the supplies come from? How did Glass manage to... okay, spoilers aside.

The book is always tumbling forwards, the characters twisting around each other as we work out what they did to deserve such a fate.

After watching the TV series, which is now my current favourite, I have to say it’s not the same calibre. I’m glad the storylines are different as it means I can enjoy both, but if you only have time for one, I’d recommend the TV alternative. The characters are more interesting, the stakes feel higher, and the extra character are probably my favourites. Clarke really stands out as a hero and leader in the series, where in the books she’s mainly just angst.

The TV series is about survival: the how, why, and ‘if’. The book only has time for what started it, how they ended up on the ground, and a few gut wrenching but predictable events. I’m excited for book 2, but I couldn’t wait to watch the series.

Source: Bought it myself.