Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Book Review: Stardust

STARDUST by Neil Gaiman
5 Stars 
Verdict: A gritty fairytale for adults.

A star falls. Tristran proclaims he will fetch that star to prove his love to a woman who frankly isn’t bothered. Witches, dead princes, magic and a little gore, STARDUST is a fantastic modern fairytale that still feels traditional.

This is a book for anyone who loves gritty fairytales.

I loved the film, and now I love the book. Those are two very separate things. Of course the story is similar, but the style, the creativity, and the resolutions are very different. Compared to the film, Tristran felt flat to me, but the playful yet dark voice of the book makes up for what the male lead lacks.

It’s a short book, but not a children’s book. I reckon I’d still have loved it as a teen. Bit of swearing, bit of gore, bit of sex.

Best part? The resolve. I love clever round ups, playing on words and slotting pieces of the story together. Worst part? The ending. After a clever resolve, it turns into a ramble that peters off into an irrelevant realm.

I'm excited to try another Neil Gaiman novel. I might be a fan in the making!

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