Saturday, 11 June 2016

Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

4 Stars
Verdict: Light and thrilling, with darkness and killing.

Two strangers meet in a airport bar and plot to kill a cheating wife. It starts fast and builds steadily, with a clever plot and devious characters. There are a couple of truly unpredictable moments making it a very entertaining read.

In a book full of unethical characters, I’m surprised I found a character to root for. But I did. I felt sorry for Lilly, and I felt like she had logical reasoning behind her actions. Not that would hold up in court, mind you, but enough so that I wanted her to succeed, and I didn’t want her to get caught.

Ted surprised me a lot. He seemed innocent and normal at first, but every character in this book has darkness in their past (and present). The book opens with a promise of murder, but it's getting to know the characters and their reasons for why they ended up where they are now which really drew me in.

I found the book fascinating: the characters, the plot, the motives… The prose on the other hand is a little bland, yet I still found it almost impossible to put down.

Overall, it’s a really good book. I’m not gushing over it, but I would recommend it to anyone in the mood for a thriller.

Source: Bought this one for the shelf!