Monday, 14 November 2016

Book Review: The A to Z of You and Me

THE A TO Z OF YOU AND ME by James Hannah
4 Stars
Verdict: Depressing but addictive.

This is a book about Ivo, who has made a lot of bad decisions in life for not enough reasons. It's about drugs, and illness, and death; ruined friendships, lost love, and forgiveness.

It's a depressing book, misery throughout, from rough beginnings to the very end. Somehow I blazed through it like fluff on fire so I know I found it engaging and meaningful.

I felt hollow after finishing it.

I adore the idea behind the chapters. The story is told through Ivo recalling the A to Z of body parts, each with a story behind them, and most of them reminding him of the girl he loves. It's a beautiful idea, although a soul crushing tale.

One of the reasons I enjoyed it, is it explores a different life to my own, a very different set of friends, yet there was still room to relate. It has characters that go against what society prefers, characters who I wanted to understand better

But this is not a book everyone will enjoy. If you're looking for upbeat, optimistic, or even romance, you won't find much in this to enjoy.

Source: Bought it!