Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Book Review: Homecoming

HOMECOMING (The 100 #3) by Kass Morgan
3 Stars
Verdict: Not much to say.
#1 - The 100
#2 - Day 21

The dropships have landed, and now the colonists are being led by the old Vice Chancellor, who I pictured as Governor Ratcliff from Pocahontas. He’s pretty thick, arrogant, with not enough to him to be redeeming. It’s a mystery to me why he’s in charge, but there you have it. Let’s start a war.

It’s quick and light read, with not much to say. The idea behind it is brilliant, but the book itself is meh. The target audience is on the younger side of young adult, and maybe the TV series set my expectations too high. The ending went to mush too, like the last book, and that sets me off on a down note.

The problem with so many characters in a short book is that none of them really get fleshed out. The author tended to tell exactly how the characters feel or who a character is, when really I wouldn’t have guessed. Whether they were happy or sad, it felt shallow.

I’m glad these books are out there, but I can’t say I enjoyed the book series too much.

Source: Bought it!