Saturday, 22 April 2017

Book Review: Skulduggery Pleasant

5 Stars
Verdict: Fun, weird, and magical - what's not to like?

In short, it’s a fun MG book. It has humour and a jovial spirit running through its pages, getting serious at times when it needs to, but never feeling like a heavy weight of despair and angst that comes with YA. A welcome change from my normal genre!

I love how there's a quirky spin on the story. A thirteen year old girl inherits her strange uncle's house, bumps into a walking talking skeleton with magical powers, and the two team up to beat the bad guys from acquiring ultimate power.

They both have a good sense of humour, which made it a fantastic read. Fun, weird, and magical sums it up the best.

At times I felt the high amounts of action would be better placed in a film than a book, and the description tended to be at a minimal, but I liked this book a lot. I like how it’s different, standing out from the large heap of books I’ve swept my eyes through lately.

It’s short too, with a good pace, so well worth a try if you're curious.

Source: Bought it.