Friday, 10 November 2017

Book Review: The Dazzling Heights

THE DAZZLING HEIGHTS by Katharine McGee (The Thousandth Floor #2)
5 Stars
Imaginative, readable, and scandalous.

Review of Book 1

It's impossible for me to write this review without spoilers or hints about book one, so make sure you've read that first. The pages will fly by - trust me on that one - and if you liked book one, book two is the same style with new ideas.

So it begins with another mysterious death. Mariel is angry with Eris's 'accident' and knows there's more to it than meets the eye. Watt decides to play Leda against herself in order to shake free from her blackmail, while Avery and Atlas try to make their relationship work in secret. And a new girl has arrived in the tower, a con artist who has chosen Atlas as her next mark.

I found it entertaining from page to page, just like book one. The multiple point of views allows the reader to skip to the next important scene, the next juicy moment, meaning the pace never drops. Book two is much easier to slip into and enjoy because we already know most of the characters, so it felt effortless to read from start to finish.

Like last time, I enjoyed the futuristic flavourings which shape the tower, and the ways the girls' (and Watt's) lives intermingle. The world building is fun and imaginative, giving the book that extra little something something. I read book two immediately after book one, and I'd take on book three right now if it were available!

What I enjoyed the most is getting to spend more time with Watt and understanding his character better. Leda's character also takes an unusual turn, and I found it intriguing seeing all the different sides of her.

My only criticism is that the book doesn't quite come together as inevitably like the last, and the high didn't feel quite as exciting, for reasons I won't go into. Although it couldn't follow the same pattern as the last one, not really, without being too predictable, so I understand the choice there. The way the ending was handled was slightly surprising, which is always good.

I'll definitely be reading the next one!

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