Thursday, 22 February 2018

Book Review: Genuine Fraud

GENUINE FRAUD by E. Lockhart
2 Stars
Verdict: Confusing and pointless (sorry!).

Jule is on the run. I'm not sure there's really more to say. Piecing together the why and when is up to the reader, but it all revolves around an entitled college dropout called Imogene.

I struggled to get the point of this one. The story isn't in chronological order, which sounds quirky and fun, but what it really means is that you get the punchline before the context. We know how the story ends from the beginning, and we get a good sense of what's going on early on, so for the rest of the book we're just waiting for it to happen in a jumbled and confusing order. A reread might help uncover more to the story, but it's not interesting enough to go through it all again.

In the end, there aren't any real winners of the story or much of a point. The motives seemed thin and flaky at best. I was still searching for reason it was written in the last few chapters, turning the next page in thought, only to be greeted by the acknowledgements. Perhaps I'm missing something?

I just didn't really get it. It lacks the beautiful prose of We Were Liars, and the strong voice of Fly on the Wall. It just didn't hit the spot for me.

Source: Bought it to complete my 2017 reading challenge.