Sunday, 18 February 2018

Writing festival 2018 - Come join us!

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest so far for the Writing Fest 2018 in April. Articles have begun to trickle in, but there's still plenty of time to take part.

If you're interested but haven't let me know yet, please drop me a note using the contact form on the left (this might not be visible on a phone).

I'm still looking for writers and book reviewers who are interested in any of the following:

1) An article related to writing or publishing fiction
2) A giveaway of your book (I'll be using rafflecopter to randomise a winner)
3) Author interview
4) Chapter one of your manuscript for an open review
5) Adding your manuscript to the beta-reader yellow pages

Show your interest - 28th of February
Article complete - 25th of March
After a round of editing, your post will be scheduled to go live in April!

Don't forget to also send me a list of social media links so that readers can connect to you, view your blog, or purchase your book after reading your post.

Cheers for reading!