Thursday, 8 March 2018

Book Review: Grave Mistake

4 Stars
Verdict: A generic supernatural world discovered by a not-so-generic lady.

Blair is skint, which is why she sometimes pretends to be a PI. This time her client is nuts, thinking her husband is having an affair with a ghost. Blair investigates his disappearance as a non-believer, but stumbles across a whole world of urban supernatural magic that quickly changes her mind.

Blair has a strong voice filled with attitude, and it brings the whole story to life. She's not laugh out loud funny, but I smirked from time to time reading her references and slick word choices. She's damaged and insure, but strong too. Every so often, a line would really hit the nail on the head too, but overall, the writing style is quite relaxed and voice driven, rather than beautiful or vivid.

The world building isn't exactly innovative. You've got your Wizard/mage/witch cult, a vampire society, mention of werewolves and demons, and other general supernatural dwellers urban world. The Wizard can't be bothered to turn Blair into the cult so we have a story on our hands - a bit of a weak motive for letting her tag along on a seriously messed up supernatural case, but at least that bit is out of the way within a few pages and the story can take kick off.

This is a very easy story to get into, if you're a fan of the supernatural. Although, if you're a fan, you've probably already read/watched most of what happens elsewhere. If you're looking more of the same with a strong, female voice, then this is the book for you, but don't expect it to blow your mind.

It's just a bit of fun. A quick read packed with action. A light-hearted series with attitude. So it might not win awards for beautiful writing or original content, but it's entertaining with a well defined style to it.

Source: Bought it!