Sunday, 15 April 2018

Author Interview: Minusfractions

Today I'm joined by a writer who goes by the name Minusfractions. Here's their 'all things writing related' interview:

What inspires you to write?

In short, I grew up in a family of giant nerds. I was always exposed to fantasy and sci-fi worlds that caught my imagination and always had my nose stuck in a book. I think it was pretty much inevitable that one day I would turn to writing and put worlds of my own down on paper. It gave me more freedom than ever to explore the kinds of worlds I enjoyed and it’s a hobby I’ve gotten lost in over the years. Now that I’ve started down the rabbit hole of different potential plots and characters, I’m not sure I’ll ever stop. It’s great stress relief, good fun, and, at this point in my life, I’m not sure what I’d do with my time if I wasn’t writing.

What is your favourite genre to read?

I think I’d have to say that my favourite genre is mystery, because it’s the common denominator of all of my favourite books (though the books themselves are fantasy/sci-fi). I really enjoy speculating what might happen and trying to piece together the clues myself. I don’t mind guessing it correctly, but I love when things catch me off-guard. There’s nothing wrong with stories where you know exactly what you’re going to get, but I do love being taken for a ride.

What genre do you write? Why?

Mostly sci-fi, sometimes fantasy, always with a bit of mystery. This is largely because this is what I love to read and so it’s what I end up daydreaming about, but it’s also because I love the opportunities that come with those genres. There are endless things you can do with them and in a million different ways, and that freedom makes me endlessly excited and inspired.

What are your writing goals (big or small)?

Like so many authors, I would love to be published, but I know that because of how busy my life is and the work it would involve that it is a long-term goal for me.

In the meantime, I just want to write, and enjoy writing. I’m in the last few years of a busy non-writing degree so I’m happy with any progress I make. I don’t want it to be buried by my studies and be difficult to pick back up later, and I also don’t want to feel like writing is a chore. So far, writing is something that has always been there for me as a little escape, and I don’t want that to change.

What is your biggest writing achievement so far?

I’d break it down into two things: the sheer amount I’ve written, and the fact I’ve stuck with it. I’m endlessly proud of the number of novels and short stories I’ve written and published online, even the very old ones from my teen years. It’s a hobby I’m really glad I’ve stuck with through the hard times of receiving feedback online, trying to promote myself and general teenage self-consciousness. I’m glad of it now, more than ever, since I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I spent a long time reflecting on my writing and myself as an author over the summer, and more than anything, I came to be really proud of what I’ve achieved.

What is the best comment you've received about your writing?

I love it when people get invested in the worlds that I build. Good worldbuilding is something that I, as a reader, really look for in a book and I think that’s part of the reason why I’m always really glad to hear that people like mine. Not to mention the fact that worldbuilding is a lot of work, and it’s always nice to have that acknowledged.

What are you working on at the moment?

I have three main things I’m working on through 2018:

A new sci-fi novel, called “Isolation” that is a kind of space-opera mystery. It’s about halfway through the first draft, I think, so forgive me for not having many details to share beyond that. There will be more details put out on my various profiles when it’s closer to coming online.

I have a list of short stories I’d like to finish before the year ends, I’m halfway through that, as well, though I’ve yet to edit and post any of the ones I’ve finished so far, so I need to pick that up.

I started a blog in January, and I’m continuing to work on that. Non-fiction writing was something I first gave a try at the end of last year and was something I began to enjoy very quickly, so I’m currently experimenting with that.

Do you tend to write in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

I’m a morning person, so during holidays and at weekends when I have time, I write in the morning. I’m very productive early in the morning and when I’m relaxed I’m pretty inspired, too. However, the logistics of life mean that evenings, particularly evening train journeys home, are the main time I write during term time and despite me usually being tired, these can be very productive too. I always manage to write more than I think I will.

What is your writing strength?

My strengths lie in world-building. It’s always been the most important part of books, games and movies to me, and it’s a part I really enjoy. Now I’ve learned and practised avoiding info-dumping, readers say it’s the strongest part of my stories, and I agree.

How do you feel about the Oxford comma?

It’s a must to avoid confusion in pieces of writing, and if you don’t believe it, google “funny examples without Oxford comma” and you’ll see why.

Quickfire round

- Pace or prose?
Prose. Good plots/worlds are more important than speed.

- Brilliant characters or a shocking twist?
Characters. Twists only work once or twice, but good characters are forever.

- First person or third person?

- Multiple POVs or single POV?
Not fussy – both have their pros and cons for a story.

- Present tense or past tense?
Past tense.

- Romance or thriller?

- Fantasy or Sci-fi?
Sci-fi, but only just.

- Heroes or villains?
Either, so long as they’re good!
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Where to find Minusfractions

Wattpad: (@minusfractions)
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