Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Beta-Reader Classifieds

Below is a list of manuscripts which the authors would very much appreciate some feedback. Take a browse and if anything takes your fancy, drop me a line in the contact form on the right. I'll connect you with the author, and you can take it from there! Alternatively, follow the link to the story where provided and send the author a direct PM.


by Milo Maia
Dark Fantasy
21,000 words

Reader to focus on: Characters and plot please, with a keen eye on pacing.

Siggi is an ageing warrior, searching for an artifact that will preserve her youth and stave off a fatal magic-eating disease.

Siggi is a warrior and a mythology scholar looking to preserve the twilight of her fighting years by hunting down a legendary axe. The only problem is the axe is buried beneath a sacred mountain that warps time; the closer she gets, the quicker she ages.

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by Ellen FairyBlue
Werewolf/General fiction
50,000 words

Reader to focus on: The story as a whole

This is a story about two siblings on their journey to find love and acceptance.

Parentless Elizabeth Cobalt has a difficult role in life as an adolescent. A role that seems to result in her play-along personality front for her grandfather, unwanted popularity as the future leader, and a possible loss at true love. Besides that, she has taken up the task of the responsibility of keeping her kid brother, Sebastian, her secret, from her prejudice grandfather.

With Sebastian being eleven, it's only natural that he wishes to explore. His exploring and  inexperience of survival was one sure way to keep the young leader-to-be on her toes. Growing up is never easy, especially when he has no playmates to help him on his way, and he is alone for most of his life.

Follow Elizabeth on her journey to care for a child and maintain her duties among her pack while dealing with the possibility of an all out battle against the local vampire clan.

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(Tales Beneath a White Moon #2)
by Ellen FairyBlue
50,000 words

Reader to focus on: Story as a whole.

The story of two siblings on their journey to find love and acceptance.

Sebastian, as a young adult, life has gotten more difficult. With keeping his existence a secret, he must now keep a even greater secret that threatens him. This time, the threat takes the form of a young girl name, Raina Segal.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, is now on a mission to bring about a change for her werewolf family and the community of vampires living on the other side of Sackville City. Will she be able to?

Follow Elizabeth and Sebastian experiences in finding acceptance and love.

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by @minusfractions
Science Fiction
55,000 words
Reader to focus on: I have a specific set of questions I would like to send to readers (via google doc or something else that suits them)

A cyberpunk mystery and a dynamic duo's struggle with power.

Burdened with powers that he can’t control, Daud’s mind is flooded with information. He flees to the city of Eosa in hope of a fresh start, but as a renowned information broker assigned to the strangest murder in centuries, it’s far from what he gets. By his side, friend and fellow officer, Cimile, who can no more control her powers than he can his.

The murder is just the beginning. Attacks, memory theft and corruption plague Eosa, and they all come from a common cause. Determined to stop it, Daud tries to put his newfound powers to good use. But that means figuring them out first.

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by Cier Ryland
88,000 words

Reader to focus on: The plot and characters

Max Kaline is a young hunter who wishes to get revenge on all faeries after the untimely death of his parents. However, he soon comes to find that he is destined for greater things outside of what he once thought he knew.

Maximus D. Kaline is a young redhead who attends Titanium Corps Academy, a school designed specifically for hunters. However, these aren't your typical hunters. These 'hunters' go out to fight one kind of chaotic enemy to the world. Faeries. On his quest to understand them, as well as become the strongest of hunters in order to avenge his parents - who previously fell to the demise of a powerful faerie named Malechor, Max soon learns more than he wanted to about the world and himself.

When the death of his friend’s father comes into question over the whole school, the headmaster begins to bring in a new type of people tasked with finding the killer. These people are called ‘Cardinals’, and their sole job is to find and eradicate a certain type of people known as the “de’Navra”. The de’Navra are half-faerie and half-human and have been known to be formidable opponents, easily taking out hunters and humans alike before. When his innocence as a normal hunter is questioned, Max begins to find that he may not be so different from the de’Navra after all, and a group of them even wishes to protect him out of all the other hunters!

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