Friday, 27 April 2018

Writing Festival 2018: Round Up

Well, that's it for another writing festival. I hope you've all enjoyed the mix of posts.

A huge thanks to all the contributors. I'ts been a pleasure working with all of you and reading all of your writing tips and experiences.

Below is the full list of fabulous article, interviews, and other bits and bobs. Also, the two book giveaways will be running to the end of April, so hop on over and enter if you're interested!

What does it mean to be a writer? by Jason P. Crawford
How to Send a Manuscript in a way that gets you Read by R.A. Black
Liar Liar Pants on Fire by Kathryn Hewitt
Combating Sadness with Creativity by N.M. Mac Arthur
How not to Murder your Writing Partner by John Gunningham
Success as an Author by J.P. Jackson

Author Interviews
Milo Maia
Ryan Eric

Giveaways, books to read, open critiques
Beta-reader classifieds 
Open Critique: Obscurity
*Daimonion by J.P. Jackson Giveaway
*A Slip of the Keyboard by Terry Pratchett Giveaway

*The giveaway close midnight on the 30th of April!