Friday, 16 January 2015

Dystopian Beta-Read: The Clearing

The Clearing is a 65,000 word dystopian horror centred around the question 'Why do the Sentenced run into the forest full of the Soulless?'

And it's finally complete!

I'm currently looking for a few more beta-readers. If you’d like to test it out, part 1 is on Figment and Wattpad. The response so far has been exceptional - I couldn't be happier. 

Drop me a message at in the comments or fill out the contact form. I crave your most honest opinions but don't worry - I don’t bite. I'm looking to make changes.

The manuscript has already passed through several individuals with different strengths and should feel fairly edited. However, if you spot a mistake, highlight it/comment/let me know whichever way you like.

Thank you so much to those who have already helped so far. I will remember all of you!

Similar books: The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Wither, Hunger Games – I’m not claiming to be on par, just a similar vibe.

The Clearing Synopsis

Ruby’s father encouraged her as a child not to trust the Cult of Life or how they run the village. For his opinions alone, her father was Sentenced – thrown outside the gates and expected to run into the forest. But the only life that thrives outside the village boundaries is that of the Soulless: the undead who always know how to get their prey.

Now she’s sixteen, Ruby refuses to respect the Cult, inspiring the young to doubt their leaders and shooting an abusive follower with a blunted arrow. But most of all, Ruby stay inquisitive. Why does the Cult allow psychics to condemn villagers before they’re guilty? And why do the Sentenced run so willingly into the forest full of the Soulless? Her questions lead her into spot healthy strangers behind the gate, a truth the Cult will not tolerate.

Ruby is Sentenced before she can share what she’s learned. But unlike others before her, she refuses to run to her death – an act of defiance that she lives to regret.