Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hidden Gem Awards: Round Up

The contest is over, and congratulations to the winner, Jason P. Crawford. I will be posting up an author interview about The Chains of Prophecy within the next month!

Here are my thoughts for the next contest. Feel free to comment below if you have any ideas, opinions, or musings.

A Few Alterations

So that the whole process is a little quicker, I will only select three top entries to read. This should make it much easier for me to post up the results within a few weeks, especially in case life gets unexpectedly busy again.

After I've selected my three finalists, I will read each of the books entirely. In this contest, I mentioned I might put the book down at some point, but I decided against this. I need to know the ending to be able to truly judge a book. With so few final contestants, it seems unfair of me not to give everyone an equal chance.

To Potential Contestants

There's still time to vote on the next genre. The top two genres were Fantasy and Sci-Fi, so place your votes now if you want a say on what the next topic should be.

It's easier for me to judge your books when they fall into one category, even though they were so different this time round!

The next competition is likely to take place later summer/early autumn. It depends on how much time I have, but I'll post up a warning here and on GoodReads.

Want me to review your self-pub/indie book?

I'm only going to be accepting review copies through my Hidden Gem Awards. You'll have to wait until your genre appears.

Cheers a bunch

Thank you for all the social media support, for the free copies of your fantastic novels, and for your enthusiasm over the whole process. It has made the competition enjoyable for me, and I hope you guys have had fun too.