Saturday, 16 May 2015

Nest Pitch Results: The Clearing

Nest Pitch is over, and wow, I really wasn't expected the results. I'm ecstatic to announce that Team Sugar Rush cleared up the contest! 

Not only did I receive four agent requests, I got to meet loads of lovely, supportive authors. Can't wait to read all your books, guys.

If you'd like to read the opening 300 words of THE CLEARING, here's a link to the blog of my wonderful mentor, Louise Gornall, My whole manuscript is a lot stronger, thanks to her.

I've also worked on the cover using copy-right free images. I think I'm getting the hang of Paint.Net.

Despite danger lurking between the trees, the banished always run into the forest. Ruby doesn’t understand why. Until rebellious behaviour gets her sentenced. Now, Ruby is about to learn first-hand why the banished must run.

Sixteen-year-old Ruby is not supposed to question the way of her village life. She is expected to settle down with her best friend and focus on bearing children, all while respecting the whims of the local psychics. But Ruby is frustrated with living within the confines of ridiculous village rules, that is, until her increasing rebellious behaviour gets her sentenced. 

Now, Ruby finds herself amongst the banished and facing a forest that has swallowed up so many before her. No one has ever returned from the trees alive, but no one seems to fear them either. Why, when all Ruby knows of them is monsters and madness? With no choice in the matter, Ruby is going to discover what it is about the forest that entices the sentenced to brave its demons.