Monday, 14 September 2015

Book Review: Insurgent

INSURGENT by Veronica Roth 
5 Stars 
Verdict: Gradual twisting plot with a prose that kept me entwined.
#1 - Divergent
#3 - Allegiant

I love the way Roth writes. One sentence slips into the next, punching you in the gut or sending shivers down your spine depending on what the situation calls for. I lingered over several lines when reading them, soaking up the impact. Not one of those lines overstep the boundary into purple prose or pretentious, in my opinion. Just beautiful and meaningful.

The story picks up where we left off, with a steady pace and a gradual build. The factions become a lot more salient in this book, and the world develops in the way I hoped book 1 would have explored; I felt like Roth knew what she was doing from the start.

Tris and Tobias have issues to sort out in this book, and the state of their relationship is put to the test. I wouldn't call it action packed until past the half way point, but it’s an enjoyable read. Lot’s happens, there’s always something building in the background,

I like Tris – scratch that, I love Tris. She interesting. She’s broken. She doesn’t act in ways I would recommend, which makes her gripping to follow. I’m never sure what she’ll say next but I know it will cut straight to the bone.

Just like book one, there are more characters than I could viably remember. I read Divergent five months ago, so a lot of the weaker personalities had ebbed from my memory. Some sections were tricky, especially the ending which made me wonder if I’d forgotten about a certain someone...luckily I cracked out book three in order to sort myself out.

In my opinion, this book is better than the last. I cared more about Tris and Four’s relationship, I understood their world better, and the writing really struck me as beautiful.

Source: Bought it with my own money and everything!