Monday, 16 November 2015

Book Review: Demon Road

DEMON ROAD by Derek Landy
5 Stars
Easily the best book I have read this year.
#2 - Desolation
#3 - American Monsters

Amber’s parents want to eat her. Amber doesn’t want to be eaten. This calls for a deal with a demon, a hunt for a murderer, and an action packed road trip!

Fantastic premise. Loved the characters too. Amber is relatable - the right amount of awkward, self-conscious, and generally a good sport. Milo is her hired protector, although something felt very off about him... He’s serious, strict, and secretive. Blunt too. Gotta love a blunt character. Then there’s the loveable idiot, Glen, who they accidentally acquire on their way. He grinds Milo’s nerves, which makes a great banter.

I’m so glad this book isn’t about romance. It wouldn’t have worked.

Instead it’s witty and entertaining, and an adventure that will make an amazing film, or even a series...

Ever watched Supernatural? It’s hard not to see the similarities: old car, deals with demons, turning up in small towns and fighting supernatural beings in mini ‘episodes’ until the ‘season finale’ puts the characters’ lives back in centre stage... That’s alright though, because Supernatural was awesome. And Demon Road is different enough to still feel fresh.

A lot of the cameo roles tended to have the same personality... hell, at least it was an interesting personality!

Most of all, it brought out my inquisitive side. It’s a book that doesn’t lay all its cards on the table but has you asking questions. You can tell it’s book one of a fantastic series – it has that depth to it.

There are some things I’m still umm-ing over. I’m very eager to get my hands on the sequel to make sure one event will un-happen or not quite be what it looks like. I have faith that the author knows what they’re doing.