Thursday, 28 June 2018

Book Review: One of us is Lying

ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen M. McManus
5 Stars
Verdict: Addictive.

Five students go into detention, and only four come out alive. The police and media are circling in on the four remaining students from that fateful detention, all of them liars in one form or another. But who is the killer?

I read this book like I eat chocolate - page after page consumed without ever wanting to stop. It's the type of story you get caught up in, binge, and then are quite happy to put it away and move on to something else - a quick, light read, but not a thinker.

It's a whodunit that kept me guessing, although I had my suspicions...

The narrative switches between the four students, each of them with very different lives and different issues. The characters start off feeling very cliche: a jock wanting a baseball scholarship, a pretty-girl being pushed around by her popular boyfriend, a smart but geeky girl, and a Nate, who felt the least cliche in that respect with his not caring attitude and difficult home life.

However, we get to know them really well, and for a four narrative book, each character slowly came to life. I cared about each of them in the end, and didn't want any of them to be the ultimate liar. I liked Addy's growth, and Cooper's journey. I loved how the story pulled Nate and Bronwyn together. Again, nothing stood out as overly unique, but it tried to put a twist on some of the old cliches.

Source: Bought it!