Thursday, 11 January 2018

Book Review: Coraline

CORALINE by Neil Gaiman
5 Stars
Verdict: Quirky, creepy, and quick to read!

Bored and alone, with her parents too busy to play with her, eleven year old Coraline ventures through a mysterious door in the wall. It once led to nowhere. Now it leads to an interesting 'other' place, where her 'other' neighbours are much more entertaining than the normal world, and her 'other' mother gives her all the attention she could want. To stay here forever, all she needs to do is one little thing: sew buttons into her eyes...

This is a quick read that I only picked up because I was horribly behind on my reading list but too stubborn and competitive to lose. Fortunately, this is a great book for any age. Full to the brim of weird and wonderful characters, twisted logic, and dry humour, I enjoyed reading this from start to finish.

Gaimen's imagination really is endless. Wit is sew into the narrative like eyes, and it compliments the quirky tone well. The pacing is good, mixing the wondrous and quirky with action and adventure, and there's enough creepiness for me to think Coraline is a braver girl than I was at her age.

There are clever twists and strange discoveries and generally a lot to love. My only complaint is that there weren't' enough pages!

Source: Bought it to complete my 2017 reading challenge.