Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Welcome to 2018

2017 been a ride and a half, for me, anyway.

The year started with brilliant news. One of my clients emailed to say that he had managed to snag a publishing deal - check him out here. I was elated for him, and since then, he’s had success after success. His story of darkness even had honourable mentions in the Rainbow Awards. It's fantastic news for a fantastic writer.

Me on the other hand? My writing had to take a backseat. Turns out buying a house and progressing your career mops up all your free time and leaves you too dry to churn out a story.

It was worth it though. My life slotted into place in the first week of December. I finally moved into my first house with my boyfriend of seven years. To celebrate, he cooked a lovely meal, broke a cupboard, and proposed. Two days later, I was offered a new job as an editorial assistant. That's going to be a tough week to top!

So yeah, been a bit too busy for writing. So busy in fact, I had to read eight books in the last three weeks of December to complete my reading challenge. Prepare to read reviews for Coraline, Genuine Fraud, A Torch Against the Night, A Monster Calls, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, Count the Stars, Six of Crow and Uprooted. I still see words in my sleep.

This year, I'll focus on my writing again. I already have a great story drafted and edited, then professionally edited, and edited a bit more - it just needs some TLC before submitting to agents.

Last year was my year for life, so this year could be my year for writing! But I've said this before, and nothing has come of it so far.

I'll just have to keep hoping.