Friday, 12 January 2018

Writing festival 2018

Hey all,

I'm putting together another blog festival (the official name is TBC)! If you're a writer, either published or aspiring, I'd love for you to contribute. I've already got a few excellent articles lined up from past guest bloggers, but I'd love to connect with as many writers as possible.

Take a look at these great articles from last time:

How to Leave your Readers Cold, Hungry, and Afraid by R.A. Black
Finding Inspiration in Likely Places by J.P. Jackson
Developing Ideas by Nikki Morgan
Nine Questions Every Writer Needs to Ask by Herb Mallette:

As long as the article is about writing, writing sites, critiquing, publishing process, indie publishing, or fiction books, it will be considered. I'll work with you to edit up the piece and add in an author bio, so please note there will be feedback to get the article into good shape.

Types of content

Let me know if you're interested in any of the following:

  1. An article on one of the above topics.
  2. Print and/or eBook giveaways of your novel.
  3. An author interview (your book can be published, indie, or at the beta-read stage, but should be complete). I'll send over a series of questions and we can have a bit of back and forth to get the most of out it.
  4. Offering up Chapter 1 of your unpublished novel for a free critique. With your permission, I would like to post critiques of your opening chapter. I may not post the whole first chapter, depending on length. If you know me, I can be quite critical, but I'll also look for positives and won't post anything unless I feel it's helpful. Thank you to anyone brave enough to apply!
  5. For a limited time, I'm accepting review copies of self-published books again. Please note, I usually get a high number of requests so I'll have to pick and choose. See past reviews for the types of books I usually read.
  6. If you have a completed manuscript which you are looking for beta-readers for and would like a shout out, let me know where your story can be found, a pitch, genre, word count, and if there is anything you'd like the reader to focus on.

If you're thinking about getting involved, just send me a message via the contact form on the side, or post a comment below. It would help me out if you followed the blog in some way, but it's not necessary. Just let me know you're interested and I'll make sure to keep in contact.

EDIT: Final entries are needed March 31st!

Cheers for reading!