Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hidden Gem Awards: The Contestants

I am no longer accepting entries.

My self-publishing contest is finally here. If you're self published and would like to enter, then click here for details. If you’d like me to hurry up and get reading, then please spread the word! The sooner the spots fill, the sooner I can get started.

I’ll update this list as I accept entries. If your name is up here and you haven't sent me a copy of your novel, please send a mobi file as soon as you find a spare moment.

1. Chains of Prophecy by Jason P. Crawford

2. Broken Dolls by B.R. Kingslover

3. The Scary Girls by J.D. Kaplan

4. A Time Apart by Rebecca Caudill

5. Bloodline by Tara Ellis

6. Hunters of Satan's Monsters by Horace S. Mallette

7. War of Destiny by Theresa Van Spankeren

8. The Army of the Night by Paul Collis

9. Losing It by Elizabeth Armstrong

10. Murder Becomes Manhattan by Jeffrey Eaton

11. Embryo 5 by J.A. Schneider

12. The Dalia and the Dilemma by Robert Michael

Good luck to all!