Friday, 20 February 2015

My 100th Post!

Not bad, eh?

Personally, I never thought I'd get to 100 posts. Is the next goal 1000 posts? Never going to happen...

A few things that might interest aspiring authors and self-published authors:

* Have you got a completed manuscript and are just about to look for an agent?

For the next three days you can enter a Pitch Madness which may result in snagging an agent. I'll be entering The Clearing and crossing my fingers for the next 71 hours and 59 minutes.

* Have you spent years learning to write, hired editors or beta-readers, and redrafted your novel until you were certain that self-publishing was the way to go? And then you took the plunge and finally did made yourself a novel that strangers can buy and everything?

Great. I'm planning a self-publishing contest which I hope will help uncover hidden gems. There's no prize, just the support of a somewhat difficult critic. I also know several book reviewers I can recommend your novel onto, and of course, they'll be an author interview opportunity and other promotional tidbits. More info to come soon.

* This probably won't interest anyone, but I have no idea why google reposts my article as a comment or how to make it stop. Anyone got any clues?

Cheers, all!